Tsumitate Investment

- Lucrative Even at Half Price: Changing the Image of Investing


Tsumitate Investment
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Bog, paperback

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What you know about Dollar Cost Averaging is not the real DCA. Everybody hears it, but nobody really knows the DCA. If you think you know the DCA, try to solve questions in this book. There is the DCA that you don't know. What is tsumitate investing?] I refer to investing continuously on a monthly basis as "tsumitate." This word is Japanese for "accumulation."This is one of the values held dear by Japanese people for centuries. Investing continuously on a monthly basis is called various names: Automatic Investment, Dollar-Cost Averaging, Systematic Investment, etc. Such plans are well-known and have penetrated markets all over the world. In the U.S., 401K corporate pension plans, IRAs and other schemes allow many Americans to use tsumitate investing as a way to form their future assets. You'll probably find it surprising, but this type of investment has never been fully explained to the public. Its features can be summed up in one phrase: "The results of the product you invested in do not match the results of your investment." Table Of Contents] Chapter 1 "Relief from falling prices" Effect: No matter how low the price falls Chapter 2 "Rapid recovery" Effect: Rapid recovery from losses Chapter 3 "Rebound" Effect: Gain returns if bouncing back after a drop Chapter 4 "Increasing price" Effect: Automatic investing vs. Lump-sum investing Chapter 5 "No timing" Effect: Don't worry about when to start Chapter 6 "Ending" Effect: Knowing when to stop is extremely important Chapter 7 "Process" Effect: It is important to watch prices in the process, as well as those at the start and end. Chapter 8 "Continuity" Effect: Quitters never win Chapter 9 "Slow increase" Effect: Slow, rather than rapid, increases Chapter 10 "No predicting" Effect: I don't remember putting any thought into it People who will benefit from this booklet] This booklet will help a variety of people. Those who already started their 401K or IRA should learn how their own investments will be affected by changes in the market. Tsumitate investing is also good for people planning to start their 401Ks or IRAs. Companies with 401K plans for their employees should consider using this booklet as a new learning tool for retirement-geared investment. This booklet contains details that would be very useful to financial advisers and planners. They could even hold seminars to follow up on their clients' investments. Distributing information not provided by anyone else will differentiate you from the other advisers and planners and earn you more trust from clients. The complete content of this booklet is available free of charge on my website: http: //tsumitate-investment.com. Please use it as much as possible. Others like you in Japan have already made use of it in their business.Financial institutions could also use it for marketing purposes. I'm sure your customers would be happy to obtain information they've never heard before. In Japan, several financial institutions are already distributing it to their customers. Changing the image of investing] "Lower prices mean losses" The entire world believes it and we should all work together to try to change this way of thinking. To achieve this, let's tell everybody about tsumitate investing. Investors around the globe will be surprised and happy to hear about it. Let's tell them all about the wonders of investing. Unfortunately, tsumitate investing is facing a large obstacle: There are not enough people to spread out the message. It is not being pushed by the financial industry because it doesn't earn lots of money over a short period of time. For all of you who, after reading this booklet, feel they would like to teach people about the merits of tsumitate investing, let's pool our strengths and diffuse the message together.Let's make tsumitate investing common knowledge for everyone. Only you can change the image of investing. Yasuhira Hoshino

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