True Tales from a Physician Assistant


True Tales from a Physician Assistant
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Bog, paperback
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    A collection of funny, sad and thoughtful anecdotes taken from a lengthy career as a physician assistant. The book deals with questions like why an ear surgeon might not want a deaf young man to get a cochlear implant; how a PA deals with questionable practices going on around him; and what the strangest day ever in a psychiatry practice might be like. This book will hold much of interest for PAs past, present and future as well as for the patients who rely on them. REVIEW BY A PA PROGRAM PROFESSOR "I had the pleasure of reviewing a book recently published by a veteran physician assistant by the above title. It is a collection of short stories, each only a couple of pages long, that makes for easy reading. It's a book that you can pick up, put down, and pick up again even a week later since the short stories end, making it an ideal late night or lunchtime read. Each of the short stories is based on real life experiences by this PA in the course of his career. It is not a self-glorifying autobiography. It is a collection of memorable experiences, some focused on the patient, some on the patient's family, and some on the supervising physician or even a specialist whose expertise was critical in the care of the patient and provided a learning experience for the PA. There are funny stories, sad stories, ingenious revelations, and that stereotypic patient story. I enjoyed reading this book for all of the reasons above, but I think that the most enjoyable part was the reflections I experienced about my own patients in the course of my career. Many of these stories triggered memories of previous patient experiences of my own. I have often stated that I would write a book someday.....Well, this Seth Wittner did just that If you're expecting some complex novel detailing the psychologic journey of a student becoming a PA and learning the life of a PA the hard way, you're not going to get it. If you're looking for some enjoyable, mostly light-hearted recollections of patient-care experiences, it's worth the read I, personally, think that it would make a great holiday gift for a PA who perhaps mentored you, a supervising PA at your place of work, or just a PA friend It's available on Amazon and is not expensive." Theresa Neumann, PA-C Director of Legislative Affairs, MAPA Academic Coordinator & Clinical Assistant Professor - Towson University/CCBC Essex PA Program

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