Treasure Trove of Mysteries


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Treasure Trove of Mysteries
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  1. Beskrivelse

    Contains 5 Full Books from the Merrifield Mysteries SeriesBook 1: Resort to HomicideVacations can be Murder...After the loss of her husband, ex-homicide detective turned mystery writer, Laura Merrifield turns to her family. Giving in to her brother's request, she goes to visit his new island resort during a special weekend for the investors. Spending time at Rim Runners should have been the perfect prescription to help rebuild her life, but the mood at the resort is like the weather-stormy. As hurricane Anna cuts them off from the mainland, tempers flare resulting in threats and sabotage. When the body of one of the guests is found, Laura is forced to rely on her training to find the killer before the storm lets up and they can slip away.Book 2: Makeover for MurderA new style can do you in...As an ex-homicide detective now turned mystery writer, Laura Merrifield is working hard to build a new life for herself. When she accepts an invitation for a day at the local beauty salon with her new friends, all she was hoping for was a new look. Instead, she finds a long history of deceit and hidden agendas, all leading to the dead body in the treatment room.Book 3: Homicide for the HolidaysFinding the right gift can be murder...For Laura Merrifield, an ex-homicide detective turned writer, the holidays have always held wonderful memories. Tripping over a dead body in the ladies room doesn't make her top-ten list. Suddenly she finds herself right back where she didn't want to be: the middle of another homicide investigation. But this time it is different. The father of the victim is pulling strings to get her on the case. Tasked with finding justice for the families involved, Laura must put all of her investigative talents to use.Book 4: Tagged for MurderSometimes it takes a village...Laura Merrifield just wants to write mysteries, not solve them anymore.When one of her best friends ends up on her front porch at three in the morning Laura knows she is in for another interesting experience. Sarah's godson, Todd, had been arrested for the murder of his ex-girlfriend after her remains were found in a suitcase.Now Laura must find a way to prove Todd's innocence and keep Sarah sane.Book 5 Betting on HomicideLife is a gamble...When her holiday ends with her friend hitting a stranger with his plane, Laura Merrifield knows the odds are stacked against her having a peaceful night's sleep.Daylight sheds new light on the mystery when it comes out the executive she ran into was already deceased before their accidental meeting. With his death ruled as a misadventure, the detectives are effectively off the case, but Laura has too many questions. Armed with her own curiosity, she sets off to get to the bottom of what led to the exec being in the Sound that night. It doesn't take long before she's playing a game where the deck is stacked and she's betting against the house.The cops say it was misadventure, but Laura is betting on homicide

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    E-bog, ePub
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