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Toska: If Not Now, When?


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Toska: If Not Now, When?
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  • Forventet levering 26-07-2018
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    1. Beskrivelse

      "I do not love the sun or ever remember looking up to the sky for any kind of happiness. And when I was younger, people often would not look at me, especially when they noticed the bruises or the swollen lips." va isn't like all the other girls. She doesn't speak to the kids at school-or to anyone, really-unless spoken to by her teachers. She will do anything for her brother, Luke, and her mother, even though neither of them can protect her from her secret life. The life of horrific child abuse that she is forced to endure. Then suddenly, she seems to be totally winning the best life chance of the year. Rescued and adopted by a beautiful, kind, and wealthy psychiatrist, Eva is introduced to a world of wealth and privilege that she could only dream about when she was walking barefoot in the streets, selling homemade cookies. OMG, how did that happen? And when she meets a cute young man, with dark brown hair and eyes as blue as the sea, who takes her to simple places she has never encountered before, like ice cream parlors and carnivals, her life begins to turn around in the most unexpected ways. Too bad that's when the nightmares really begin. How can Eva even think about getting to know Ben Eisenberg when her abusers could be watching her every move?

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      Bog, hæftet

    2. Yderligere info
      572 g
      22 mm
      140 mm
      216 mm
      Bog, hardback
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