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To the Summit and Safe Return

- A Strategy to Fulfill Your Own Visions


To the Summit and Safe Return
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Bog, paperback (kr. 119,95) (kr. 153,52)
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Bog, paperback
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  1. Beskrivelse

    Develop your stamina to create the Future you aspire to. Learn how to excavate your dreams and ambitions. Risk and mobilize your own grand vision from the first Scandinavian woman to scale and survive Mount Everest May 10 1996. Success is a matter of decision, willpower, preparation, execution and the will to suffer endurance and recommitment. Lene vividly shares the simple universel steps to program your brain to focus and persevere until you have achieved your goals. To the summit and safe return is a strategic tool kit and a sobering extreme experience based book, packed with hands-on wisdom you can apply today to achieve the life you dream about. Get to know Scott Fischer and Anatoli Boukreev and gain insight into the motives, drives, grandiosity and failures of what transpired on Everest May 10 1996. Lene delivers hope and realism. Lene is globally recognized as a world-class motivational speaker on Human Innovation and a bestselling author. She lives in the countryside with her three children, three horses and two dogs. Passionate about experimenting with how to utilize your brain to fulfill visions, dedicated to innovate Globale Leaders through Decency Leadership and Human Innovation and committed to Simple Living XL. To the Summit and Safe return is the fundation of Lene's life work of innovating mental tools to sustain us in The Art of Living and Leading. Others as well as our own lives. If you are looking for something to ignite renewed hope and ongoing fighting spirit - have a look at Lene Gammelgaard's booklet Top 10 Mental Leadership Survival Skills. Reflections and quotes bound to sustain you through and beyond any challenge of existence.

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