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To Hell in a Handbasket

- The 2016 Election Catastrophe


To Hell in a Handbasket
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Bog, paperback
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  1. Beskrivelse

    If the Democrats and Independents can't bring themselves to tell the Republican's in the election of 2020, "We're Coming to Get You and We're Bringing Hell With Us, then they just as well hand the Republican's this country in a handbasket...with a big ass red bow. The takeover of the 2016 election was the most repulsive and sickening process ever seen. We say we're patriotic, but are we really? It didn't look that way in November 2016. Not just because the Democrats lost, but voters were swept up in fake news and implemented our trust of the fake news by giving the GOP our consent. What have American voters done to themselves by electing an outsider without any political office experience, who says he just grabs women by the p***y and they let him do it. Who elects a man for President of the United States; who admits he sexually assaults women. Who also said, Mexico is sending rapists and not their best. Who additionally calls a federal judge bias because he's Mexican. And clearly, the whole Republican (GOP) encourages disrespect for women in power. During an interview, No. 45 said Senator John McCain wasn't a war hero because he was captured by the North Vietnamese. He likes people who weren't captured. He calls Senator Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas, I still don't get it. He calls Rosie O'Donnell a fat pig. He started out his campaign by starting a feud with Megyn Kelly (former FOX talking head) over the facts. That's just some of the higher points in the GOP campaign. He said to Chris Matthews (MSNBC), who seemingly promoted the 18-month campaign for No. 45. Matthews chuckled and talked over his guest when they mentioned Trumps name, as he said, "You have to kill the families of the terrorists." What I am not as impressed as Chris Matthews is about the attack on Syria's airfields either. Senator Lyndsey Graham said, "he acted like Ronald Reagan when he attacked their airfields." Really I beg to differ, Reagan wasn't great for the country. Not a hero for this country at all. He cut programs for the mentally ill, he came in office firing federal air traffic controllers. And his biggest embarrassment and feckless act are selling arms to Iran (our supposed enemy), but not that long ago you sold arms to these people and claimed he didn't know what was being done. My observation is honest and forthcoming. It's a short read. Get your minds right America before 2020. Unless you want this country to be turned upside down and handed to you in a handbasket--resist.

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