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Time of Isolation


Time of Isolation
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      . . . 'Susan, I need to have a conversation with Supervisor Shana, and no before you ask, this cannot wait.'Looking down at him she said, 'Who are you to just barge in here? You do not have any right to demand anything, ah . . . let's see . . . underling supervisor Sampson. Do I have it right?'When she said these things it seemed as if she was attempting to get something out of her mouth such as a bad taste. Shaking his head he could tell that things were going from bad to worse. But what could he do? What he had was critical and they had been told that if another incident happened that he, or any of the under supervisors, had to go to their supervisors immediately and inform no one but them. He wasn't even supposed to inform the underworkers for the lead supervisors. It was to be for their eyes and ears only. Carefully holding his anger in control he gritted his teeth and said. 'Yes, you have it right. I must see Lead Supervisor Shana now without delay.''Without delay? What is it that could be so important from your minor position that could even require a minute of Supervisor Shana? Her time is always filled, so, if you please, make an appointment and come back later. You are interrupting my work and I for one will not allow you to interrupt hers. Now get out of here before I report you!'About this time Lead Supervisor Shana hearing the loud conversation in the outer office went to investigate. Catching the ending conversation from her underworker, and seeing one of the under supervisors from the communications section, she became curious. Underworker Susan catching the gaze of Sampson turned and saw Shana there and started apologizing for interrupting her work and that she had everything in control and this minor supervisor was just leaving. Why was he here? Then she saw that under supervisor Sampson was looking intently at her. She also knew that he had never liked her, so again why was he here? Looking directly at him Shana asked. 'Under supervisor Sampson may I inquire, why are you here?'Now what, Sampson thought, the mandate had been specific. No one but his supervisor could hear what he had to say. Then he remembered that if there was a situation like this, that he could specify a color to let her know. Now if only he could remember the color. Blue! Blue was that color. 'Ma'am, ah color it blue.' Was all he said. When he stated the color, she immediately paused. He had given her a code color that reflected an emergency of some kind and could be private and for her eyes and ears only. She then turned to her underworker and said, 'Under Supervisor Sampson may enter.' She then turned around and went back inside of her office wondering now what could be so important for him to have used that code. She didn't have to wait long as he entered her office right behind her. 'I don't have much time, what is it that is so important?''Ma'am, do you have this room secured for silence? The directive said that before this information was to be given that all security features must be activated.'Sitting back down at her desk, she motioned him to a seat, and then pushed a few buttons. 'Okay, I have activated the security. Again what is it that required you to use the code word?'

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