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Thrown out of Danmark af Bent Klante

Thrown out of Danmark

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Beskrivelse: Trown out of Danmark


My divorce in Thailand from my Thai wife, can or will Tårnby Municipality not approve, even after my lawyer contacts... Læs mere

Trown out of Danmark


My divorce in Thailand from my Thai wife, can or will Tårnby Municipality not approve, even after my ... Læs mere


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Trown out of Danmark

My divorce in Thailand from my Thai wife, can or will Tårnby Municipality not approve, even after my lawyer contacts them, and cut it out for them in cardboard, that my divorce papers do not fail anything.
After more than a year has elapsed, with various conversations with public offices, including the county of Copenhagen, I travel to the Philippines to marry a filipino, who I fell in love with last year.
My lawyer has given me a green light, my new marriage will save the county of Copenhagen out of their "self-determined problems.”
A foreign divorce shall not approved in Denmark, but only taken for "intelligence" in accordance with international rules !!!
My Philippine wife is coming to Denmark getting pregnant, and then I receive a letter from the Family Affairs Directorate which claims, that I am now a bigamist, and stands for at least 2 1/2 years, behind the bars.
My lawyer signifies the letter as it pure nonsense, the charge can not hold in district court, himself can drive court proceedings for the Supreme Court.
However, I am tired of all government agencies hassle and fuss, just want to live in peace with my new wife and choose, to emigrate to the Philippines. My new wife has lived in the southern part of Philippines, on an island by name Palawan, where she has worked as a stenographer, in one of the towns Judge offices.
Here opens up to me a completely different world than I have known before, when we settle here, those as go with clock, have it only on as decoration.
Here live up to several native tribes, who only have very little contact with the rest of the island's population, and shall remain as such, since their imum system is not the same as ours. That they are a contributing factor to, what most people on the island believe and live after, are there to me no doubt.
On the island they believe there are present white ladies, witches who can fly and have supernatural forces, people who can heal and punish with death as a result, at long distance (Muslims, troll men, and voodoo dolls ).
There shall live many vampires in London according to a bridge building enginør I was talking with in Manila, it is not only on Palawan that the population is superstitious. The Philippines and especially Palawan are the eastern undiscovered paradise according to the country's tourist information and let us initially adopt it.
Palawan have the world's longest underground river as well as amazing many beautiful white beaches.
The largest city is Puerto Princesa, which is located approximately in the middle of the island.
On open street I have heard women several times brag with, that they have been need to that avail of their female right, if that act is enforced only at Palawan, I can not figure it out. According to the Catholic belief, there is no name divorce, so the man can choose between jail or get his ass on comedy, if his wife finds out, that he has been her unfaithful.

Philippines Department of Tourism !!!
It´s more fun in the Philippines. When you’re with Filipinos, life is bette.
“When you’re with Filipinos, you’re with family,”

Bent Klante

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