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The X-Factor Business

- Establishing a Business People Want to Be Associated with


The X-Factor Business
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Bog, paperback
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  1. Beskrivelse

    The "X Factor" is recognized as the indescribable quality that we like and want to be associated with. Our company needs to stand out from competition, it needs to be an X-Factor company. Today's businesses face many challenges. We need the confidence that comes from following a proven system. There is a lean framework that when followed greatly enhances success. This is the X Factor framework. The author presents a six-step framework businesses can follow to ensure they are getting the most out of effort spent. Lean expert Bryan McWhorter has over two thousand hours of experience providing classroom training on lean productivity tools. He has provided guidance for hundreds of projects, leading to millions of dollars in annual savings. The productivity tools Bryan teaches have been proven effective in many environments. These are the same lean tools that the U.S. used during WW2 for supporting the Allied war efforts by manufacturing needed supplies. These are the same tools made famous by the Ford Motor company and the Toyota production system. These are the tools you can use in your company to take it to the next level. Businesses need to realize that they exist in a three-part symbiotic relationship; 1.Employees - This is our family, our team. 2.Suppliers - These are our business partners. 3.Customers - These are who we serve and to whom we give value. We need our businesses to operate on two levels, the same as our brain; conscious and subconscious. We need to design our business to be self-monitoring, self-regulating and self-correcting. We want our business processes running smoothly so employees can focus more on driving improvements and meeting customer needs. Today's businesses must build loyalty if they expect a lasting future. The author outlines a simple, six-step approach for taking a shared vision and using it to create a sense of urgency. We need dynamic tension and constant forward pressure moving us into our set goals. The X Factor Business takes advantage of lean productivity tools to streamline all efforts. The goal is to eliminate none value added activates and focus all efforts on a critical few set of goals. Follow the 6-step process outlined for creating a robust business.

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