The World's Best Spicy Food


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The World's Best Spicy Food
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      Lonely Planet presents 100 authentic recipes that deliver the world's most tastebud-tingling flavours direct to your kitchen! Explore the culture behind the planet's spiciest dishes, from Sichuan hotpots and Malaysian laksas to tangy Mexican salsas. 1 Paperback Total Colour Pages

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      Bog, paperback
      2nd Revised edition
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        Discover the wide world of spice. One word, a million different thrills. Lonely Planet Food, the world's leading travel publisher's new food imprint, delivers the world's most tastebud-tingling flavours direct to your kitchen. Travel can transform your cooking, exposing you to new mouth-zinging ingredients that you may not have even heard of before. But, when there is so much world to explore in terms of food, The World's Best Spicy Food comes in with a hand-selected collection of the world's most sensorially thrilling culinary experiences to try at home. Explore the cultures behind the planet's spiciest dishes, from Thai som tom, Indian dahl, and Korean kimchi, to Peruvian ceviche, Caribbean curries, and Nashville hot chicken. And it doesn't stop with chilies-there are pungent, nose-clearing recipes with wasabi, mustard, horseradish, cinnamon, paprika, mace, piccalilli, and black, white, pink, and Sichuan pepper. These are dishes to make your tongue punch the air with elation, loaded with flavours that kick-start the palate and infuse every sense with joy. Each of the 100 recipes includes easy-to-use instructions and mouth-watering photography, plus an 'origins' section detailing how the dish has evolved. There are also tasting notes that explain how best to sample each dish - whether that's in a hawker market in Singapore or at a Louisiana picnic spread - to truly give you a flavour of the place. This book is a celebration of spice in every form: ingredients that turn the bland to brilliant, the dreary into divine. And, as with all food, it's the finest way to experience any foreign culture. This is real food, pulsing with vibrancy and delight, bringing a truly happy tear to one's eye. Recipes include: Black-Pepper Crab - Singapore Bunny Chow - South Africa Camarones a la Diabla - Mexico Caribbean Curry Goat - Caribbean Ceviche - Peru Chorizo - Spain Crab with Kampot Pepper - Cambodia Creole Cau Cau - Coastal Peru Doro Wat - Ethiopia Fi? Paprikas - Croatia Fish Head Curry - Singapore & Malaysia Five-Alarm Texas Chili - USA Gekikara R?men - Japan Gong Bao Chicken - China Goulash - Hungary Groundnut Soup - Ghana Jamaican Jerk - Caribbean Jambalaya - USA Jollof Rice - West Africa Kashgar Lamb Kebabs - China Klobasa - Central Europe Kothu Roti - Sri Lanka Ostras Picantes - Guinea-Bissau Palm Butter - Liberia Papas a la HuancaA-na - Peru Pasta all'arrabbiata - Italy Pepperpot - Guyana & Caribbean Pho - Vietnam Pica Pau - Portugal Pickled Herring in Mustard Sauce - Norway Pig Trotter Curry - India & Nepal Pimientos de PadrA(3)n - Spain Piri-piri chicken - Mozambique Samosas - India Shakshouka - Tunisia Souse - Caribbean Thai Green Curry - Thailand Vindaloo - India Harissa - Tunisia Lime Pickle - India, Pakistan & Bangladesh Pepper Jelly - USA Piccalilli - England Salsa Xnipec - Mexico Plus 57 more exhilarating recipes!! About Lonely Planet Food: Food and drink is a huge part of the travel experience, and Lonely Planet has been scouring the globe for over 40 years to find the best places to sample authentic dishes and beverages when on the road. From street food to Michelin-starred restaurants, Lonely Planet's experts have tried it all. Now, through Lonely Planet Food, we're sharing our knowledge and passion for genuine local cuisine with food-lovers everywhere, bringing a taste of the world into your kitchen.

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