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The Universe, is it Guiding Our Lives?


The Universe, is it Guiding Our Lives?
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    Bog, hardback
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    1. Beskrivelse

      The question about whether the Universe is guiding our lives has remained a mystery throughout all the ages. While scientific explorations have enabled us to venture far into space, we have come to recognize a vastness that is well beyond our human imagination. In spite of these enormous achievements, we have not come upon other life outside our small planet Earth. As the only known life-supporting planet in the universe discovered thus far, we should consider ourselves as unique and even special. This then raises the question whether we are the creation of a divine plan and if we are meant to serve a greater purpose. While we are limited to recognizing a physical world that exists around us, this book looks beyond the physical and into the possibility of a spiritual existence within the universe. Much of the world's population believes in a higher being, a divine creator, a God. This very idea provides us with a spiritual foundation from which we can venture into the silent, but by no means, lifeless realm of the universe. While we may be unaware of our purpose for being here with any degree of certainty, it should not deter us from attempting to explore this issue. By assuming that we each have a purpose to fulfill, should we be curious to know who out there determines this for each of us? How are we guided along this path and what is our connection with these unseen forces? The author attempts to explore this mystery based on both past and current practices within society. By sharing from his own unique life's experiences, he points to a possible spiritual intervention in our own daily lives. While certainly not everyone may agree with the author's assumptions, it should, however, leave the reader with a good deal of cause for thought.

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