The true victory


The true victory
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The successful young actor Alexander Garland is avoiding reality. He parties and does drugs as if there is no tomorrow. But his wife, Grace, is pregnant with their first child. Alexander needs to make a crucial decision and change his life around if he is not to lose everything he loves. Change is simple, but not easy. The bad habits have a function. They protect Alexander from facing the ghosts of his past. On the way home after shooting a Nordic noir TV-series in the northern parts of Sweden Alexander is on the verge of a meltdown. An accident up ahead forces him to drive through a narrow passage into the forest. And suddenly the surroundings change. The detour becomes a personal journey for Alexander. He meets the guru, Akasha, a teacher of the ancient system C.O.R.E. Commitment Ownership Replacement Evolution The Four C.O.R.E. Elements to achieve THE TRUE VICTORY – victory over yourself. Alexander finally gets the tools to break the destructive patterns in his life and create positive and lasting change. But it takes more than an effort for him to succeed. And time is not on his side. If Alexander does not change, the consequences will be fatal. It is a question of life and death. THE TRUE VICTORY is a therapeutic novel – suspense and self-discovery in one book. C.O.R.E. – created by Søren Vejby – is a hands-on system for everyone who wishes to change life for the better, fulfill hidden potential and live out his or her or his dreams.           

Uddrag af bogen  Loud music drowned out everything as lights of various colors lit up a nightclub crowded with people. I was seated in a booth on a round couch of red leather. In front of me was a glass table with champagne and a huge pile of cocaine. Smoke and mirrors filled the room. A waitress smiled at me, poured champagne in my glass, indulged me to do some cocaine and gave me a napkin upon which she had written her number in black. “Call me,” she mimicked. Blackness before fluorescent lights in the ceiling lid up a hospital hallway. Red crosses on pale blue doors, white walls that needed painting. I was sitting on a little green stool next a small round yellow table. A few Lego pieces lay on top of a children book with Franklin the turtle hiding under a colorful umbrella on the cover.  “Your wife is still unconscious,” a female voice said. I looked up. The waitress was now a nurse. “What happened?” I asked.         

Om forfatteren Søren Vejby is a Danish actor and journalist, known for the Emmy Award-winning TV-series The Protectors and the award-winning documentary The Price of Cocaine.    In 2010 he was about lose everything – his apartment, his career and his marriage – because of a long time cocaine addiction.    But he made a crucial decision to turn his life around. He created the system C.O.R.E. (described in this book). He is now doing lectures and coaching that inspires and guides people to make positive and lasting change in their life – both professionally and personally.He is currently working as a journalist for Discovery Networks, Denmark, writing on his next novel and is a dedicated family man.     Søren Vejby carries a black belt in the Japanese martial art aikido and is an educated yoga teacher (RYT200).     The True Victory is his second novel.  

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Bibliotekernes beskrivelse Skuespiller Alexander Garland bliver i de svenske skove præsenteret for selvudviklingssystemet C.O.R.E., og kommer langsomt til en afklaring med sig selv, sit kokainmisbrug og sin familie.

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