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The Time Being

- Raising God Jr.


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The Time Being
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Bog, paperback (kr. 169,95) (kr. 217,21)
  1. Beskrivelse

    HAS LIFE SLAPPED YOU AWAKE YET? It is God's plan to awaken us either with good results or bad. Such 'results' are automatic and depend on how we're living. If our id/ego is in charge of our thinking, our life results likely will be negative. (Para) Simply put, we are the cause of any and everything bad or good that happens to us. That is God's law of Karma at work, as in the Old Biblical Testament's admonition that we all reap what we sow, meaning we get what we have coming from the way we live. Such autonomous lessons come for misdeeds or thoughts that cause pain or suffering to others. Appropriate restitution can come in our current life or another. That other life is called reincarnation. (Para) God recycles souls that are of no further use to her in their current forms. SHE* has no sustained use for immoral spirit-souls, and therefore lets the spirits wane and then recycles the souls into new-born bodies in order to give "you?" another chance to do better - perhaps much better. (Para) Most of you have heard those terms: 'Karma and reincarnation' and it's likely you already have an opinion regarding the concepts. Question is (and it's a big one): Are you capable of change? Can you change an opinion? Can you change the way you are living this life? Okay, 'what's in it for me?' you might ask. A better and perhaps eternal life is the answer. (Para) Morality is the 'coinage' of God's realm, and SHE requires it from us. Therefore, it might help if we have an opinion regarding eternal life in a perfectly heavenly world with God as our Master Mind and with us functioning as Mental Cells or Souls? Yes, believe it or not that is the payoff for being moral. (Para) Usually, in order to form opinions we must have either facts or beliefs; and of course you know your beliefs regarding God, even without all the facts about her you think you might be willing to accept. Fair enough, as we are here to give you more facts, which you may simply regard as 'beliefs' if that suits you. (Para) Let's take a moment now to address some curiosity regarding the *"SHE and her" of God. God is not a gender; however, we use those terms to indicate that the opposites of male and female in God's material world are similar to her Spiritual world opposites. God's Essence pervades all realms as an indivisibly-dual or twi-polar Entity of Mental Energy. The pronoun 'SHE' and the possessive pronoun 'her' as you can see incorporate both her positive and negative, or Yin and Yang aspects. (Para) Now, that is all we can tell you without writing a book. Having much more to say on these subjects, we have written that book. We pray you read it, even if you might find our concepts to be fantasy or surreal. In any case, we think you will be enlightened and entertained to the full extent of your valuable time. Or you may do as we did and write your own book expounding your views regarding these most interesting, most intensely wondered-about subjects since God created mankind. (Para) By the way, when God did create the first hybrid humans of Adam and Eve, SHE had to realize a new concept with a new name. SHE called it "Eve ill." SHE didn't like it, but overcoming it was hybrid mankind's only chance at eternal survival. (Para) In our book, "The Time Being," we recognize evil's protagonist as both an individual and a societal entity named ego-god or 'Egod'. God's own pro-morality protagonist in our novel is her dog, and he is in hot pursuit of Egod. He and the crews of God's fleet of TranShips plan to cure "Eve-illness" for all time. IF we would be cured, we must participate in foiling Egod's plans for his kingdom of id/ego. We all must do so in order to be saved for that promised eternal, heavenly life with the One True God. We and SHE are all that need be, and - forever 'time beings' no more, but rather pure God Cells for eternity. Our personal salvation is up to us and God, and only through her Grace, but yo

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    Bog, paperback
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