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The Storymaker Man from Ban Ban Doree: Book 2


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The Storymaker Man from Ban Ban Doree: Book 2
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Bog, hæftet (kr. 219,95) (kr. 269,95)
  1. Beskrivelse

    This book displays just one of the creative streams to which Sydney-born Peter Poidevin contributes. His output is prodigious as it is seemingly irrepressible. It has interspersed a varied and interesting working life during which he worked with some of Australia’s best proponents in the hospitality industry. He managed and owned restaurants and clubs then changed to taxi driving for twenty years on the Gold Coast in Queensland. These jobs brought him into contact with a great variety of people, but that’s another story.

    Through his acquaintance with musicians, he produced a CD of children’s songs, which he had written. This CD, called “Animals Oztralia,” has been widely distributed throughout the world and been very well received. The songs feature the unique native animals of Australia, as well as Australian folklore. Though Peter is not able to write music or play a musical instrument, melodies and words come together in his mind as he proceeds to write each song. These he then sings to the musician who writes and arranges the music for the song. Luckily, he has access to some of the best musicians in Australia.

    Now retired and happily settled in Tasmania, he continues to write. His writings were brought to my attention with a view to have them illustrated. For me, it has been a pleasure to contribute to his most interesting works.

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    113 g
    2 mm
    216 mm
    279 mm
    Bog, hæftet
    From age 4
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