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The Stockholme Syndrome


The Stockholme Syndrome
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  1. Beskrivelse

    Emmaline works at Hotel Silver and ready for a night out whit her best friend Kessie.

    Some hours later Emmaline leaves the bar and walks back to the hotel, but a strange car drives by her and to minutes later she is pulled into the darkness of the car and drugged.

    When she wakes up, she is blindfolded and her hands chained together. She have no idea of where she is being held.

    Her capturers calls her Rebekka, but Emmaline cannot compare herself whit this Rebekka.

    And here Jakes enters her darkness.

    Somehow Jake have a "thing" for this Rebekka. The more he talks white Emmaline about Rebekka, she realize that she have been compared whit the society girl Rebekka, who's face is all over the media and on every model poster in the city.

    And soon Jake begins to take advances of Emmaline and her blindness.

    In Jakes mind it is rape, but that is not how Emmaline sees it. She feels drawn to Jakes roughness and brutal hands.

    Her capturer realizes that Emmaline not is Rebekka, and the only thing eyewitnesses sees is a white car drops a women and drives away in a hurry.

    Emmaline bangs her head in the process and gets memory loss.

    Emmaline have no memory at all. She feel so lonely and her mind keeps asking her questions and send pictures she cannot compare. She seek out the bar, and Jake appears in the bar, put himself right next to Emmaline and talks to her.

    He discovers that her memory loss is in a fact true. She have no memories at all about him and her captures´.

    Emmaline favors Jake and they arrives to Emmalines hotel room, where she invites him into bed, but Jake, yet, tries to forces himself on her and she flees to the bathroom, crying.

    Jake leaves the hotel, reminding himself of her weeping, and Jake keeps his eyes on Emmaline, but she is so caught up in her forgotten memories that she walks straight in front of a car, and Jake throws himself in front of it and pushes Emmaline away and get hit by the car himself.

    When the ambulance turns the corner whit Jake in it, she stands whit his jacket and his scent sets her memories free and she remembers everything.


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