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The Snakes of Ontario


The Snakes of Ontario
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  1. Beskrivelse

    Many people have a great fear of snakes. This fear affects their peace of mind, their enjoyment of a holiday in the country, and even their pleasure in their own suburban gardens. It leads to the senseless destruction of one of our valuable natural resources. The morbid fear of snakes can only be dispelled by learning the true facts about these fascinating creatures.

    This book is addressed to anyone who wishes to learn about the natural history of snakes, or to identify those found in Ontario, but the author speaks particularly to young people, who, unless they have been prejudiced, have a natural interest in all living things. In an easy, conversational manner, the author gives a general account of snakes--what they are, how they travel, their instinct and intelligence, how they feed, their reproduction, hiberation, shedding of the skin, defences usefulness--and discusses popular beliefs and fear of snakes. The separate species are fully described in a simple, non-technical and readable style. The author is also an artist, and the book is illustrated with his own wash drawings and line sketches. There are two beautiful colour plates. Distribution maps show the range of species.

    For those wishing to pursue the study of snakes more fully, an appendix provides a list of snakes with scientific names, a key for the identification of the snakes, directions for determining their sex, directions for collection and preserving, directions for determining their sex, directions for keeping snakes as pets, diagrams giving anatomical names of parts of snakes, a glossary, and a concise and up-to-date outline of rattlesnake bite and first aid treatment.

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