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The Routledge Companion to Adaptation


indgår i serie Routledge Companions

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The Routledge Companion to Adaptation
  • kr. 2.239,95
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  • Forventet levering 25-10-2018
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Bog, hardback (kr. 2.099,95) (kr. 2.099,95)
  1. Beskrivelse

    The Routledge Companion to Adaptation offers a broad range of scholarship from this growing, interdisciplinary field. With a basis in source-oriented studies, such as novel-to-stage and stage-to-film adaptations, this volume also seeks to highlight the new and innovative aspects of adaptation studies, ranging from theatre and dance to radio, television and new media. It is divided into five sections: Mapping, which presents a variety of perspectives on the scope and development of adaptation studies;Historiography, which investigates the ways in which adaptation engages with - and disrupts - history;Identity, which considers texts and practices in adaptation as sites of multiple and fluid identity formations;Reception, which examines the role played by an audience, considering the unpredictable relationships between adaptations and those who experience them; Technology, which focuses on the effects of ongoing technological advances and shifts on specific adaptations, and on the wider field of adaptation.An emphasis on adaptation-as-practice establishes methods of investigation that move beyond a purely comparative case study model. The Routledge Companion to Adaptation celebrates the complexity and diversity of adaptation studies, mapping the field across genres and disciplines.

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    Bog, hardback
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