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The Ride Down Mt. Morgan


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The Ride Down Mt. Morgan
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  1. Beskrivelse

    In Arthur Miller's 1991 play, The Ride Down Mt. Morgan, Lyman Felt is hospitalised after a serious car crash and two women claiming to be his wife meet by his side. Caught in a web of lies between two families looking for an explanation, Lyman's reasons for his deceitfulness shed new light on old memories and replace deception with the unavoidable, aching truth.Betrayal and bigamy, crisis and reconciliation are just some of the themes probed by the playwright who also wrote Death of a Salesman, All My Sons, The Crucible and The View From the Bridge.This Student Edition features a commentary by Toby Zinman, Professor of English, University of the Arts, Philadelphia.Written specifically for high school and undergraduate students by academics in the field, the Methuen Drama Student Editions provide in-depth explanatory material alongside the most frequently studied play texts from the classical and modern canon. Whether for use in a group context or for independent study, these editions offer a full play text alongside accompanying notes specifically directed towards readers of this level, which unravel essential topics and challenge all students to delve further into literary analysis.

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