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The Revelation of Love


The Revelation of Love
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    Bog, hæftet
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    1. Beskrivelse

      THE REVELATION OF LOVE is a collection of poems incorporating a wide variety of subjects, from sensitive personal issues to hot political and philosophical topics. Poet Gideon Cecil has a command of the language that fascinates and excites the mind, whether the topic is sexual love or the beauty of nature.

      Few poets rival Gideon Cecil in terms of humor, emotional depth, and sophistication. And even fewer collections of poetry can reach such a diverse audience with such power and panache. His classical literary style reminds us of Shakespeare, Shelly, and Byron.

      "These poems arise from the thoughts and heartfelt emotions of a good man concerned about the lives of his fellow human beings and their communion with God. These songs of his soul express in sincere and vivid language the author's deep and abiding inner faith and his interest in what really matters in life."

      -Dr. Ian McDonald, Author/Poet, Stabroek News

      "The writer in this volume has illuminated the human experience through poetry that stimulates the intellect, senses, emotions, and imagination. He not only tells us about an experience, but through his sheer poetic genius he invites the reader to participate in that experience through the power of his sensory images and brilliant wordplay."

      -Mohamed Fazloor Yasin, Author/poet

      "Cecil's poem "Green Land" is a rich and sensuous response to the natural landscape of his native Guyana and evokes an idyllic and peaceful atmosphere, perhaps as a way of countering that country's well-known problems. His poetry is an accomplished art, deserving of wider attention."

      -The Editors, POUI: Cave Hill Journal of Creative Writing University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Barbados

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