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  1. Beskrivelse

    The Picture of Dorian Gray is the only novel by Oscar Wilde (1855-1900) and probably the best known and most popular of his works. Dorian Gray is a Victorian-Era ‘handsome gentleman’ - a playboy with a perfect youthful body and a beautiful appearance and he is determined to keep it this way. An admirer paints a full-length portrait of him and while Dorian Gray embarks on a journey of sin, crime and gross sensuality, his body and looks remain youthful and attractive while his portrait changes day by day into a grotesque, disfigured display of evil and distortion and he must keep it hidden to the world. A captivating, mesmerizing Gothic tale of good and evil full of horror and suspense with clear references to Faust, which has been hugely popular since it was first published. One of Wilde’s most significant and most important works and a grand achievement of its kind.

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