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The Nonviolent Coming of God


The Nonviolent Coming of God
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    In this, his most eloquent and far-reaching book, James Douglass explores the haunting parallels between the situation of Jesus and our situation today. Jesus, who lived in anticipation of the impending destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans and suffered from this vision, called urgently for a radical conversion to avert the tragedy. The choice then -- as now -- was between nonviolence and nonexistence. This choice is even more stark in the nuclear age. Whether describing the visions of Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Archbishop Romero, or the witness of his own community against the White Train carrying warheads across the country, Douglass can discern the sights of a second coming, a nonviolent coming of God. The possibility for a different future depends on a different kind of humanity, renewed and transformed by the nonviolent cross of Christ. This gripping and hopeful book not only declares God's nonviolent coming, it helps bring it about. Walter Wink, Auburn Theological Seminary Take a deep breath before you start to read this book....The gospels will never again look the same. Mary Jo Leddy, in Catholic New Times Profound and personal...Douglass's book is a prophecy and a history. Read it, enjoy it, and learn. John L. McKenzie, author, Dictionary of the Bible Will cause reverberations far beyond the circles of the peace movement. I was instructed, challenged, and profoundly motivated. Mary Evelyn Jegen, Pax Christi International Jim Douglass is a writer and a Catholic Worker. He and his wife Shelley are co-founders of the Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action in Poulsbo, WA, and Mary's House, a Catholic Worker house of hospitality in Birmingham, AL. He is currently writing three books on the assassinations of the Kennedys, Malcom X and King in the 1960's (with Orbis Books). The James Douglass Reprint Series: The Non-Violent Cross Resistance and Contemplation Lightning East to West The Nonviolent Coming of God

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