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The Mortification of Isabel


The Mortification of Isabel
E-bog, ePub (kr. 57,53) (kr. 57,53)
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E-bog, ePub
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  1. Beskrivelse

    The lovely young Isabel is far too naivefor her own good. When she takes a position as a live-in assistant to Laurence Povey, a former adventurer, who was blinded in a terrible accident, she believes she'll be writing down his memoirs. Instead she records a shocking narrative about the self-mortification of nuns - a racy work of fiction. After suffering through this indelicate tale, it's not surprising when the eccentric Povey spanks her for being tardy to one of their sessions. But what awaits the frightened Isabel doesn't end there. She discovers the real purpose of her employment late one night when the kindly housekeeper Margaret leads her into a ghastly dungeon beneath the house. Much to her horror and despair, she finds that this is her new home. Not only will she suffer harsh abuse in this dreadful place, she's to be turned into her master's guide dog, a perfectly obedient puppy! Laurence Povey's aide, John, takes on 'Bella's training. She's forced to crawl on all fours, sleep in a cage and relieve herself in the straw, just like a common dog. She's flogged for any transgression, suffering brutal punishments, then is quickly introduced to the pleasures of the flesh, culminating in the loss of her virginity. Now the master's pet, she serves at his command, offering up her body for both sexual pleasure and the hard abuse from her sadistic master. She becomes nothing but a play toy for Povey and his band of fellow sadists. Though repeatedly shamed and humiliated, strong urges to surrender herself to the defilement rise up unbidden in the once innocent Isabel, as each new twist in her tainted life propels her deeper into submission. Certainly not for the timid reader! But one to savor for those who enjoy sadomasochistic sexuality in a historical setting where such carnal devilry abounds! Soon the whole area of my bottom would be suffused with pain and I would sink into the sublime state I craved. In this state I was no longer Isabel Dance. I became a nameless thing existing only so that John had a female body to punish. It was the only purpose I served and it was sufficient. I counted myself fortunate that of all the women John could have used he chose my pale flesh on which to practise the potent alchemy of the flagellant's art.

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