The More, the Merrier

- Four Women Report on Having Two (or More) Husbands


The More, the Merrier
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Bog, paperback
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    "I like all types of men... and with my husband, I have had the opportunity to sample all of them..." Does the old saying 'the more the merrier' apply to the marital bed? These couples certainly think so: A wife gets her first taste of MFM when her husband Joe, lets her 'comfort' his best friend Marv, whose wife has left him. A husband is pleased when his best man finally gets to sample his wife's 'goodies.' Lisa's submissive husband is a big sharer; he doesn't even mind when his wife reunites with her long lost high school flame... as long as he gets in on the action. A woman reports the joys of sharing in a 'poly' family. Author Joan Vegas, a woman whose life reflects her belief that women have fuller sex lives with more than one lover, puts together these 4 reports from women who share her beliefs - and her lifestyle. Let these four erotic interludes stir your hot juices *For adults only. Contains explicit sexual content for mature readers, including oral sex, wife sharing and threesome. SAMPLE: "I'm glad you guys are not mad at me," Marv offered, "but I am still sorry I came so fast... I didn't give Maria an orgasm before I shot off." By then we were done eating. I stood up, took Marv's hand and said, "Well there is still time to correct that." As Marv stood up, I grabbed Joe's hand. "I want both of you... now," and led them back to our still rumpled bed. Over the next two hours, both guys took turns necking with me, and nibbled on my breasts as I played with their hard cocks. They gave me several orgasms before Marv finally drove his hard cock into my very moist pussy. That time he was determined to give me an orgasm while he was playing inside me. He did, and then he filled me with his cum again. Then Joe slipped his hard cock into me... slowly... telling me he was enjoying the cum-lube that Marv had left in my love channel...

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