The Mind's Eye


The Mind's Eye
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Bog, hardback
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In the beginning God declares the very existence of the universe in a strong definite divine affirmation, a thought. Within these words lies one of the many great secretes and the power of God, although no one can profess to know what God knows, one can say that God did have a definite desire or definite purpose to create the earth and everything in it to include man and woman. From within this divine energy from God, would you believe that God gave each and every one of us the very same divine energy that we can use to believe in ourselves, become closer to God and understand what he has planned for you in this life? This wonderful gift of is the Power of Belief.

As you have guessed The Mind's Eye, is not a murder mystery or science fiction book, instead this book is about the awesome Power of God and the awesome Power of Belief. This book is not meant to entertain. It was written to help the reader investigate themselves and shed light on their divine power the Power of Belief. It will serve you greatly to remove all the stigmatism and dogmas that have stopped you from believing in yourself, Christ Jesus, or your chosen Higher Power. 


The reader will be challenged to keep an open mind because you will exercise your creative faculty and your Mind's Eye to develop belief in self, belief in God and belief in what it is you most desire in life. This can also be called your "hearts desire" or "definite purpose in life". The Mind's Eye will provide you with a sound philosophy to see and realize God's plan for you by using your creative imagination to visualize your thoughts through what we will call your "Mind's Eye". If one is mature enough and ready for a genuine change in life, then this philosophy will help you create your own formula for success through the Power of Belief. The Mind's Eye was written for the purpose of addressing all the issues that you face when failure or tragedy has broken your concentration and belief. It is for this very purpose that the author has injected his own personal experiences to help plant the seeds of belief even further. God loves you and wants you to be successful at everything your heart desires. God does not want to see any one of us sink in the great ocean of doubt, shame or poverty. 


One must also understand that there are greater estates one can strive for other than money, fame or material wealth, a fact I strongly agree with. The Power of Belief is so powerful, it can be injected into another human being. It can also penetrate jail walls, steel and concrete. Perhaps the greatest example of the Power of Belief is that of my own personal expierience. At the time this book was conceived, I had nothing left to turn to all my bridges where burnt and I was facing potential prison time. It was not until a powerful intangible "thought" was created in my mind. The thought was so powerful, it woke me up out of a dead sleep. I was not sure if I was dreaming or hearing things.  What I do know is that from this single "intangible thought" my entire life was changed, and the "Power of Belief" and the power behind "God's Divine Energy" is real. Believe it!

This philosophy will work for everyone who is genuinely ready to make changes in their life. Nothing will be held back from the reader, on the contrary one will find that the secret is not a secret, and this philosophy has already helped millions in all walks of life. Believe that you deserve the same! Believe that God wants to see you happy and believe that you can make your impossible possible through the "Power of Belief".

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