The LTSpice IV Simulator

- Manual, methods and applications

af m.fl.

The LTSpice IV Simulator
Bog, hardback

The LTSpice IV Simulator

- Manual, methods and applications

af m.fl.

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  1. Beskrivelse

    It is an honor to write a preface for Gilles Brocard. I appreciate his work writing this book and hope you benefit from

    his labors.

    LTspice has been fun to write. It let me implement a number of numerical methods that make LTspice better than


    SPICE programs: a new numerical integration method, node reduction, a native circuit element that behaves

    like a power MOSFET, and new time step size control to name a few.

    The biggest recent advance in LTspice was when it went multi-threaded in 2008. We found it easy to distribute the

    computations over multiple cores but challenging to make the simulation actually run faster. The problem was that

    the LTspice object code had been so optimized (much had already been implemented in optimized assembly language)

    that it didn't take very many microseconds per timestep and that was a short time compared to how well one

    can synchronize multiple threads. That's when we developed a means to dynamically adjust each threads' cache size

    to stochastic cool the threads to keep the work load spread evenly. Another important technique introduced at that

    time was code generation that generates an assembly listing optimized for your circuit. Then that code is assembled

    and linked by LTspice for execution. This self-authoring code is generated typically every few seconds during the simulation

    to help your circuit execute close to the theoretical flop limit of a modern CPU. That's why LTspice IV is fast.

    But all this is for a purpose. I believe SPICE has impacted mankind more than any other simulator. Writing a better

    SPICE is important. LTspice offers you the ability to rapidly prototype your designs so that you understand them better

    and even develop intuition.

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