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The Lost Letters of Dre


The Lost Letters of Dre
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Bog, paperback (kr. 169,95) (kr. 217,83)
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Bog, paperback
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  1. Beskrivelse

    INTRODUCTION I was fortunate to retrieve some lost but now found essays and personal letters from the early 1990's. This archive of letters deal with some correspondences I had with family members dealing with the devil of drugs and revenge. I've always been on a quest to find a magical word, sentence and paragraph that could do what medicine or counseling could offer to heal hatred and addiction. I was hoping that we could all laugh about the errors and blunders of human folly. I was also hoping to research the golden age of 90 and then come back and read a lost memory and past down to friends and relatives. I take my writing seriously. Even in my poems I desire to make of it a powder keg equal to an atomic bomb. I'm willing to lose everything and order to fly past censors, who dish out rewards and punishments, for free speech. The media loves to anoints writers they want you to read about and turn the renegades (Freedom writers), into invisible ink. We as a people need to read what Corporate America wants you to close your eyes to. I'm a stone cold writer who used to be shy and wrote don't what I was afraid to say out loud. I only fear one thing in life and I reserve revealing this so that haters can't use it against me. I do not play and I take no prioners. My books are a testament to me being here and I don't think they will be any footprints in the sand. I don't have a professional editor to do a manicure job on my words. So you get them raw in full effect. Don't judge me Just sit back and relax to the stories I lay on paper. You will see just how much I find my freedom in the pen and will defend it by any means necessary. P.S. Recall these letters were written over 20 years ago and I'm no longer a fan of the Koran or Louis Farrakhan Andre Austin

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