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The Long Ride Home

- Erotic Romance


The Long Ride Home
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Bog, paperback
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  1. Beskrivelse

    I never would have believed I could be here with these gorgeous models... On the drive home to Seattle from South Carolina, Aaron Mylow has with him a new car... and a stunningly beautiful, unexpected passenger. He meets Nicki while refueling. Her model looks and offering of "services" leads him to believe she's a prostitute. When he refuses, Nicki admits she's just looking for a place to get warm. They spend the night together, and little by little, her story begins to unravel. He finds out she's not a whore but a stranded model who was tricked by a movie producer. Her agency has no idea where she is and if they knew, it might be the end of her career. Aaron decides to help her. As a former soldier, he is used to being the knight-in-shining armor. And underneath her sexy clothes, Nicki is just a sweet, innocent woman who needs him. He falls for her hard, but as they get closer to Seattle, he wonders if she would still like him once she returns to her glamorous world. Unbeknownst to him, it is Nicki who has dark revelations about her real situation that would threaten their budding romance... *Hot romance for mature audiences. SAMPLE 1: I placed both hands over my face after I took a couple of steps back. I heard the squeak as the door opened and I heard her step into the room. I suddenly smelled the wonderful fragrance of lilacs and then I felt the softness of her warm hands as she reached up and cupped my face in them. "I'm all yours, Aaron." I felt her kiss the side of my neck. "Oooh Geeeezus, Nicki, look at you " She was wearing a matching cherry red panty and bra set that was spectacular. The panties were called a "Cheeky Thong." The front appeared like any other type of thong with the small patch covering her pussy. But the back had a little more fabric that sort of embellished the roundness of the ass cheeks. The bra was one of those fancy push up bras that adds two cup sizes and creates more cleavage. With her short boy style haircut, she looked sexy beyond belief. "You are so beautiful " I gasped softly. As I reached to pull her closer, she slapped my hand. "Shower first " she laughed playfully. I gave her a playful "pouty lip" look and she laughed out loud. "You can pout all you want but it you want some of this," (she pulled down her panties to show her bare pussy), "then you better clean that." She reached out and patted my swelling pecker. As I closed the bathroom door, I decided to turn the tables on her a bit. I would take my sweet ass time getting ready too. I could hear soft music coming from the other room as I shaved my face. Then I trimmed my goatee and my eyebrows. In the shower, I washed everywhere very thoroughly and used conditioner in my hair and on my goatee. I intended to spend some quality time with my face between her legs. I sort of giggled to myself with that thought.

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