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Lydbog, CD The Gunslinger af Stephen King

The Gunslinger (The dark tower)

(Lydbog, CD)


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Charlotte Karlshøj M
11-07-2016 (Bog, paperback)

In this first book of the dark tower, you will meet Roland after years of hunting the black man - a wizard who may or may not be a man... The book begins in the desert, wrapping the constant reader (that is, you) in Kings dusty western-inspired post-apocalytic world, where the time skips and Roland is either 40 or 400 years old, both time and distance is at large..
Not a lot is explained in this part of the story but the actions is fast and gribs you by the heart. There is humor in the violence, lots of violence, an entire village of it, and both the start end the end will leave you thirsty for more.
King manages to give great insight in even the minor characters daily life (Please pee on the corn Sai) and from the beginning states mysteries. Who is Brown? What is a taheen and how is things set with beams, guardians and a tower? 
The Gunslinger gives a beautifully dark view of our gunslinger and his chosen destiny.
The tower must stand!
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