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The Gnomes of Nome

- The Dwarf Wars (5x8)


The Gnomes of Nome
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Bog, paperback (kr. 79,95) (kr. 91,46)
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Bog, paperback
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  1. Beskrivelse

    SAFRIEL'S BANE Long ago and far away, A lonely angel lost his way Sent from heaven on a mission he came, Sent by Gabriel to Camelot's flames To find and bury King Arthur's gem, Under the stones that men call henge One day he met a lady fair, And became enamored by her auburn hair A touch a kiss he broke his vow, For to love a mortal is not allowed In her eyes he found true love, But forbidden it was from up above Two sons to him she one day bore, In secret vale on Ireland's shores For his sin an Archangel came, To take him to prison head bowed in shame Without angelic father his sons grew no more, Their children's children waved from shore As half-angel sons sailed far away, To paradise where the Menehune play For a time they found love once more On the beaches of Hawaii's shores On Maui were buried side by side, Their second wives while children cried They took the gem and sailed far away, At first all was calm upon gentle waves The sun was warm, their spirits high, Their sorrow faded where gulls fly The gem can find the sons of morn The eleven seek the one forlorn Then Satan came and winds did blow, The ship was tossed to and fro Upon sharp rocks the timbers did break, Cold water rushed in, their bodies did shake All seemed lost, they began to pray, They held the gem towards the end of day Red light shot down to an ancient one, Now awoke the fourth born son Up from the deep from beneath the sea, A Son of the Morning their plight did see He bore them up upon a wave, He showed them mercy, their lives he saved Now was battle like none before, Two Sons of Morning on distant shores Mountains rose and islands fell For mighty is the King of Hell The dragon of the oceans fought fiercely, But Leviathan fled from the Lord of the Sea Amongst the Inuit where polar bears run Brother's found love in the midnight sun Even in mortals with angel's blood, They one day grow old since the Great Flood War broke out amongst their kin, Over who would take their father's great gem

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    14 mm
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    203 mm
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