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The French Quarter and Other New Orleans Scenes


The French Quarter and Other New Orleans Scenes
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Bog, paperback (kr. 69,95) (kr. 87,97)
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Bog, paperback
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  1. Beskrivelse

    Pen and ink artist Joseph Arrigo, a native New Orleanian, has sketched the city's most charming landmarks. Each of his illustrations is accompanied by a description explaining its significance.

    Wander through the French Quarter, past Jackson Square and Pirate's Alley, through downtown New Orleans, past the Louisiana Superdome, and back to the mighty Mississippi River, and New Orleans's famous riverboats. Linger outside of some of New Orlean's favorite eating and meeting places: Caf 1/2 du Monde, Antoine's, Brennan's, and the Napoleon House.

    The French Quarter and Other New Orleans Scenes is sure to delight anyone wishing to hold on to fond memories of "the city that care forgot."

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    176 g
    5 mm
    215 mm
    172 mm
    Firebird Press
    • Bibliotekernes beskrivelse

      The French Quarter is New Orleans' own unique city within a city. Here, visitors and residents alike can walk through famous historical locations and experience an era long past. Pirates Alley and Jackson Square--today filled with the bustling of tourists and the vendors who cater to them--radiate the storied history of the Vieux Carr??1/2. At Caf??1/2 du Monde, the air is rich with the smell of coffee and chicory, which can charm the passerby into nostalgia. A stroll down any given street can transport the curious observer back to the beginnings of New Orleans, giving insights into the many cultures that have inhabited the area.
      Architecturally inimitable and European in flavor, New Orleans is a city alive with music, people, and celebration. Native New Orleanian pen-and-ink artist Joseph A. Arrigo uses his craft to take the reader on an artistic tour that spans the French Quarter, wanders downtown, and ends at the Mississippi River. Outside the famous French Quarter, this tour includes many noteworthy stops, especially the Louisiana Superdome, the largest fixed dome in the world.
      Arrigo's illustrations are accompanied by detailed explanations of the significance and history of the landmarks, making this book the perfect souvenir for visitors who want to take a little New Orleans back home with them.

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