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The fear of hypoglycaemia is always there: Diabetes patients and health professionals on living with the risk of low blood sugar


The fear of hypoglycaemia is always there: Diabetes patients and health professionals on living with the risk of low blood sugar
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E-bog, PDF
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  1. Beskrivelse

    “The fear is always there….”

    This sentence was expressed by patients and their relatives over and over again when they told me about their disease. I perfectly understand this sentence when listening to them telling me about their daily lives: Standing in a classroom and suddenly not being able to put two and two together, waking up in the emergency ward not knowing why or how they got there, teaching their young children to call 999 “if dad gets weird”.

    This book contains 11 interviews with Danish patients about living with type 1 diabetes. It describes the problems and fears experienced, but it is also a book about how to live with the disease. It has also become a book about how hard it is to be dependent on others – and the enormous contribution from spouses. I had never expected it to be a book about love, but that has also happened – spouses are as worried and vigilant as the patients themselves, and often even more so.

    In addition to the interviews, the book contains contributions from diabetes physicians and a psychotherapist, who present the latest knowledge about diabetes and offer some advice about its management.

    - From Henning Beck-Nielsen’s preface

    Professor Henning Beck-Nielsen, DMSc, has conducted research in diabetes since 1974, and his results have been of vital importance to our knowledge about type 2 diabetes. Among others, he was the first to show that obesity, fatty foods and lack of exercise play an important role for the development of diabetes.

    Henning Beck-Nielsen has evolved the so-called Funen model for diabetes treatment that has shown to improve patients’ life quality and life expectancy. The basic idea is to react very early to the complications of the disease, i.e. through thorough education of both patients with diabetes and health professionals.

    Read more about the book and the author of the book at

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