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The Falcon Confession


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The Falcon Confession
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Bog, hæftet (kr. 119,95) (kr. 149,95)
  1. Beskrivelse

    This historical thriller is a novel of layered secrets, fickle love, and tests of mettle. The story follows Edith, an ostracized noblewoman, and Aidan, a timid monastic novice, as they strive to protect a mysterious book from the conquering Normans. For this unlikely pair, the text with a golden falcon on the cover is more than just a precious treasure; it’s the vision of an endangered future. Chasing them is the rapacious Norman Bishop Odo, who lusts for the book’s destruction because the story contained therein would ruin him if it ever came to light. From the tranquil shores of Bosham, to the killing field near Hastings, and into the coronation hall of Westminster Abbey, the story shows how victims of history can persevere to forge lasting legacies of their own.

    Firmly set against the backdrop of historical events, The Falcon Confession is a product of meticulous research, a wild imagination, and a belief that history books only tell half the story. Inspired by his grandmother’s research that traced his roots back to the Norman Conquest, the author has worked on this novel for the past six years. The work included research trips to the British Library, interviews with cathedral archivists, attendance at the 2006 Battle of Hastings reenactment, and the handling of ancient manuscripts at Worcester Abbey.

  2. Yderligere info
    594 g
    27 mm
    140 mm
    216 mm
    John Norris
    Bog, hæftet
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