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The Executioner's Girl


The Executioner's Girl
E-bog, ePub (kr. 73,83) (kr. 73,83)
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E-bog, ePub
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  1. Beskrivelse

    “I am still the Executioner’s Girl. You might find me strange or sadistic or even a little deranged, but I know she possesses me and imprints her character upon mine.” Willow Sears, a young Dominatrix has never had sex with a man, but has plenty of sexual experiences to consider herself not a virgin anymore. She thinks she is possessed by a “sprite” or demon. Her confusing dreams lead her to Harvey, a fat hypnotherapist who is completely infatuated with the sultry vixen. Harvey hypnotizes Willow to help her remember her dreams, which range from being a young woman under the guardianship of a prince’s executioner to a Hungarian soldier named Fenech who died by a lance while sodomizing a young man in his army. Willow is most interested in finding out more about Salacia, the Executioner’s Girl, as she believes it will help her land Ariadne, another Domme that Willow secretly lusts after. Ariadne attends an S & M club called SaMmy’s where Mistresses and Masters are worshipped by many different types of people. Willow and Ariadne both make it a habit to take their worshippers home and show them the true spirit of domination, Willow in her Scold Room and Ariadne in her Fuck Room. Willow has many tricks to taunt, torture and tease her minions, including the “Shears Treatment”. One constant person that always attends Willow’s Scold Room is a man she dubs “Blueberry”. She treats him worse than her other slaves as she is disgusted by his blubbering, simpering ways, yet she finds herself fantasizing about his cock inside her. As it is smaller than normal cocks she normally sees, she thinks it may be just the right size to fit in her tight cunny. What Willow doesn’t know is under “Blueberry’s” mask is someone she knows, someone who has used information to get close to her and her wicked ways. Will she find out who the man behind the mask is? Does Willow have any chance of landing the captivating Ariadne? Will Harvey finally be able to break through as to who the Executioner’s Girl really is?

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    Pink Flamingo
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