Bog, paperback The End of Branding af Marc Rutschmann

The End of Branding

- What Really Drives Consumers to Buy: Marketing That's Targeted to Real-World Buying Behavior

(Bog, paperback)

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15 black & white illustrations, 3 colour illustrations, biography

15 black & white illustrations, 3 colour illustrations, biography


Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2015
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15 black & white illustrations, 3 colour illustrations, biography
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The term "branding" encourages the idea that brands can be created through decisive communication. This assumption leads to an enormous waste of marketing resources. But what are the alternatives to branding? This book focuses on what really matters to the marketing professional: motivating new customers to buy and ensuring they will buy again. This is achieved by using a marketing approach based on the buying process. This approach shows where communication is still effective, reveals key points along the way and demonstrates how to reach people so the buying process moves forward and ends with a purchase. Now available for the first time in English! "With its valuable food for thought, this book is recommended by getAbstract to anyone responsible for marketing and sales." Rolf Dobelli, "Rutschmann's approach is fundamental and new. The book is also an exciting read, loaded with practical examples and evidence, and makes intriguing arguments." Dr. Christian Belz, professor of marketing, University of St. Gallen "The exciting thing about this book is how it brings to life the buying process and the various influences on the consumer while you read it."Harvard Business Manager

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