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The Empowered Pain Patient


The Empowered Pain Patient
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    1. Beskrivelse

      Living with ongoing pain is much more than living with the pain. It is a daily challenge to sleep, mood, tiredness, and much more.

      A challenge to the quality of life.

      In The Empowered Pain Patient” primary care physician and pain researcher Kim Kristiansen, M.D. provides knowledge and strategies to individualized ongoing customized pain management, and enhanced shared decision making. Pain management based on individualized information about pain and quality of life.

      The pain is validated and acknowledged as is the pain’s influence on the persons life. Information and understanding of pain mechanisms relates to the individual experience.

      The person, active in pain management, works with the health care professional(s) to set treatment goals and to evaluate and adjust the effects of treatment.

      Pain is the most frequent presented symptom in healthcare, and more than 100 million people in both USA and Europe living with pain every day. Pain management must be based on shared understanding and shared decisions between the patient and the healthcare professionals together.

      *****An excellent book which will be useful to patients living with pain, also to doctors and healthcare professionals. Peter Moore, co-author of The Pain-Toolkit*****

      Part 1: Pain and Chronic Pain. Defining and understanding pain and how pain is experienced. How processes can go wrong and the pain not just continue but be amplified.

      Part 2: How to measure pain and its impact on quality of life

      Part 3: Presenting and describing Validated Pain Management including “The 7 Elements of Validated Pain Management”, describing easy to follow steps to take, and patient stories. Including how to reduce risk of medicine misuse or addiction.

      Part 4: The Roles: Describing the role of the person living with the pain, the role of the relative or loved one, the role of the healthcare professional, and the role of the healthcare system

      Part 5: How to individualize evidence-based medicine to become an empowered patient

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