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The effects of family background on the educational productivity and attainment of secondary school students


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The effects of family background on the educational productivity and attainment of secondary school students
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  1. Beskrivelse

    Diploma Thesis from the year 2016 in the subject Pedagogy - Pedagogic Sociology, grade: B+, Ahmadu Bello University (Institute of Education), course: Professional Diploma in Education, language: English, abstract: Education is key to national and sustainable growth but the family background hampers the educational productivity and attainment of students in training. This research project is an investigation of this problem. This work concentrates on looking at the causes of the problem as well as its effects and it proffers possible solutions to the problem it investigates. It is shocking to discover that the general public is aware of this problem and that it is eating deep into the lives of students from poor family backgrounds because they cannot compete favourably with their fellow students, they exhibit deviant behaviours, have personality and psychological problems, low self esteem/trauma, difficulty in personal and academic adjustment to mention just a few. For this reason this research work, recommended possible solutions as creating an enabling environment for discussion at home after school hours, government/non-governmental organizations to provide support that will augment the efforts of the parents in catering for their children, provision of better nutritional diets to their children, guidance and counseling units be made functional to help counsel students who come from poor family backgrounds among others.

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