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The Donor Child’s Book - Create your own story


The Donor Child’s Book - Create your own story
E-bog, PDF (kr. 39,00) (kr. 39,00)
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E-bog, PDF
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  1. Beskrivelse

    Many donor parents don’t know how to start the conversation with their child about their conception through the help of a donor.

    For this reason, a lot of parents postpone the conversation until having it is frustrating and awkward; but it doesn’t have to be that way!

    Do what so many others have done before you. Create a unique narrative for your child.

    The Donor Child’s Book consists of 165 questions that are easy and flexible to work with.

    You’ll be provided with detailed instructions for writing your family’s answers, regardless of whether your family consists of a mum and a dad, a single mum, or two mums.

    The Donor Child’s Book is an easily accessible guide that supplements the traditional Child’s Book.

    Who can use the Donor Child’s Book?

    • The Donor Child’s Book is manual for the man and the woman who has chosen to establish a family with the help of a sperm or egg donor and needs inspiration for documenting their unique path to establishing a family.

    • The book offers countless resources, regardless of whether you’ve already established a donor family or you’re in the process of doing so. The book can even be used by parents whose donor children are already grown up.

    • Thanks to its inherent flexibility, the Donor Child’s Book can easily be used by single mums and families consisting of two mums as well.

    The Donor Child’s Book is built on the principles outlined in “Mum, dad, and donor child”

    With the Donor Child’s Book, you’ll get the inspiration you’re lacking and the soft push you need in the right direction. The book will make it easier, and more comfortable, to have honest, detailed, and freeing conversations with your child about their donor.

    Quick and easy

    The Donor Child’s Book makes it easier for you to tell your child the important things, so you can have your personalised Donor Child’s Book ready in no time.

    Safe and comfortable

    Imagine having safe, comfortable, and wholesome conversations with your child about their donor. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

    You GET:

    • The chance to write a narrative that works for you, so you can get comfortable with your story in the lead up to the conversation with your child about their donor.

    • The inspiration you’re missing – and the soft push you need in the right direction.

    • A different and complete set of prompts that the traditional Child’s Book doesn’t offer.

    • Strategies for figuring out how to tell your child about their conception.

    • Conversations to help you and your partner consolidate your opinions and narratives.

    • A thorough and tested guide with effective tools to help you write your story.

    • Detailed instructions for helping you write your family’s answers.

    • Concrete ideas for countless considerate conversations with your child about their conception.

    • A vast array of relevant themes (165) to help you gather information and memories at once.

    • Lasting material that offers your grown-up donor child writing space.

    • 120 prompts for the parents and 45 prompts for the grown-up donor child.

    • Tools you can start using immediately to document your unique story.

    • A recurring source to make conversations about your child’s conception safe and cosy.

    • The chance to update the layout to make it suit your preferences, as you fill in the text, upload photos, decorate, print, and laminate the book at home. It’ll be ready for greasy fingers in no time.

    • Voila: the best tangible gift you could possibly give your child.

    Sounds easy, right! That’s because it is!

    You AVOID:

    1. Excuses about it being too early/late – i.e. that the timing isn’t right.

    2. Lack of desire to start your narrative.

    3. Uncertainty and insecurity when it comes to discussing your child’s conception with them.

    4. Having to spend time to establish the framework for your narrative – valuable time that’s better spent in the company of your family.

    5. Procrastination and postponements that make your story seem unmanageable to write.

    6. Losing sight of the writing process and the relevant themes.

    7. Leaving out facts that might end up being vital to your child.

    Facts about the Donor Child’s Book

    • 165 questions and prompts

    • Thorough instructions for writing your story for your child


    Why the Donor Child’s Book is important

    Write your own Donor Child’s Book

    How to

    Three introductory exercises:

    - Types of stories – find your path

    - Personal language – find your own

    - Writer’s block – find your way out

    This is where your story starts | 120 questions

    This is where your child’s story starts | 45 questions

    Beyond this book

    About the author


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