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The Chemist


The Chemist
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  • Bog, hardback (kr. 189,95) (kr. 239,95)
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    Bog, hardback
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    1. Beskrivelse

      The most virulent weapon of mass destruction will soon be unleashed upon the world, but Delta Force veteran Daniel Strong isn't about to let that happen. Recalled from the depths of drug addiction and depression, Danny is the last chance for the CIA to stop an auction in New York where powerful weapons dealers are to bid for the right to proliferate a deadly neurotoxin. The road to finding the auction's location leads directly to the weapon's creator: a devil in Tory Burch flats and heroin addict who has committed the chemical compound to memory. Yet Danny isn't the only one chasing her. He must protect her from a sadistic Palestinian terrorist known only as Sabir, who wants to use the weapon to destroy Israel and will do anything--including torture--to get it. Danny must walk a fine line to control his obsession to resolve a dark secret from his past and his feelings for the chemist that could compromise the operation's objective--before it's too late.

      "Drug addiction, personal and political motivation, and terrorism and anti-terrorism all wind into a package backed by strong character development and a frighteningly vivid, realistic story line to make for compelling reading for even the most seasoned thriller audience." —Midwest Book Review

      "The Chemist ... is far and away one of the most original and just flat-out interesting and crazy thriller/suspense fiction novels I've read in forever." Jhonni Parker—

      "I was hooked from the first pages of The Chemist and much to my surprise my interest never faded for a moment! ... [T]he author Alan J. Field brings a fresh attitude and literary style and makes it all his own and doesn't just rehash the same old plot lines we've seen a million times before which makes this book wholly unique." Steph Coleman—

      "It is incredibly well-constructed with impressively complex plotlines that are terrifying, yet strangely believable." Essie Harmon—

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