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The Champion Doctrine

- Muscle is in your mind


The Champion Doctrine
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  1. Beskrivelse

    “You are holding in your hands the strongest tool for building a brilliant future for you and your children”The Champion Doctrine reveals for the first time the methods for programming mental secrets used by professional athletes. These are now available to you to reader, for application in any aspect of your personal life: the education of your children, financial success, relationships, the prevention and curing of diseases. A book that is absolutely novel and full of surprises. With the techniques explored within, derived from neuroscience, you will learn how to:- Become the master of your own future- Manufacture good luck- Generate projects- Increase your income by a substancial margin- Prevent malignant disease- Complement malignant disease therapy in a decisive manner- End negative relationships- Educate your children to become players, not merely spectators, in life- Install a winning mentality in your brain- Find energy and resources for new undertakings- Make spectacular progress in your brain and begin to think better- Attain emphaty with others in your relations, and triumph

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