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The biggest power pig wins - on custody law, and how to protect yourself from the game


The biggest power pig wins - on custody law, and how to protect yourself from the game
E-bog, ePub (kr. 59,00) (kr. 59,00)
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E-bog, ePub
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  1. Beskrivelse

    It takes experience to understand how the legal terms in the Danish custody law deceive you into thinking that this is an honourable law. In fact, the law is a trap. And if you become pregnant in Denmark or if you bring children to Denmark, you are already trapped, except you won’t know it until it is too late.  ::::::::::::::::::::


    This book is both a psychological portrait and a social satire. It is the story of the Poor Thing and the Power Pig and how things turned out for them and their daughter. For when they got divorced they ran into the Danish custody law. To the great regret of the Poor Thing, as this law is as if written by a true Power Pig.  ::::::::::::::::::::


    In this book you follow the Poor Thing and The Power Pig – the victim and the perpetrator – from their decision to divorce to a year-long process of threats, manipulations, corruption, lies, harassment and stalking. You also follow a child in increasing failure to thrive. And authorities, which protect the perpetrator and therefore act as sabre swings with the paragraphs in the law without considering the consequences.  ::::::::::::::::::::


    The terms the Poor Thing and the Power Pig are, naturally, meant figuratively. They refer to a psychological reality, which many people live in and which goes hand in hand with high conflict divorces.  ::::::::::::::::::::


    The encounter with the Parental Responsibility Act can come as a shock. The first visit to a courtroom can result in the eradication of the entire foundation on which your life is built: Your expectations about justice, freedom and security and, last but not least, your faith in the nature of love.  ::::::::::::::::::::


    The book portrays the consequences of the Parental Responsibility act and of lawmakers who prioritise an equal rights agenda over rule of law in Denmark. There are many examples of how abuse of power and violations of rights thrive under this law.  ::::::::::::::::::::


    If you feel like a victim of the circumstances of your life, and if you have been through a divorce where a child has been left in the middle, then this book is written for you. Hopefully you will find the motivation and resources to review your situation.  ::::::::::::::::::::


    Perhaps you believe that the law helps you. But the law is the expression of an administrative system, which breeds resistance and anger and has many negative implications. The Parental Responsibility Act is, ultimately, modern hostage taking in disguise. And it damages the relation between parents and children. So you have to take matters into your own hands. And help yourself.  ::::::::::::::::::::


    In effect, the Parental Responsibility Act is a game. And this is the manual to how to protect yourself from it.  ::::::::::::::::::::


    If you have not yet come up against the Danish custody law yourself, you might think I am a bit extreme and that I write about highly fictional characters. But the Poor Things who have had close encounters with this law will recognise themselves. And it is primarily for them that this book has been written.  ::::::::::::::::::::


    The book is also relevant for those of you who come to Denmark from other countries. And for those of you who are onlookers to others’ divorces: Teachers, principals, social workers, pedagogues, doctors, nurses and caretakers, lawyers, judges, caseworkers in the municipalities or maybe even in the State Administration. And for those of you who are related to a Poor Thing who is about to get separated. Or a Poor Thing considering having a baby under the current Danish legislation. Because after reading this book you will be able to warn them about the consequences it can have.  ::::::::::::::::::::


    Whether this book is relevant for those of you who have made this law, depends on whether you intend to acknowledge the mistakes you have made.  ::::::::::::::::::::


    The book contains a special English foreword, which explains the Danish custody law as well as the Danish legal context for people from other countries.  ::::::::::::::::::::


    Many countries in the Western world are adopting shared parenting and some look to Denmark as a role model. After reading this book, you will know the shadow side of the Danish law and why NOT to follow the Danish example.

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