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The Basic Dairy Free Kitchen


The Basic Dairy Free Kitchen
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  1. Beskrivelse

    It is very common to think that milk is a healthy drink. But lately I find that more and more people respond adversaly to the intake of dairy products.

    I am one of those people.

    When you suddenly become intolerant, you soon realise how many dairy products there are in your daily meals.

    For example:

    For breakfast in porridge, granola, waffles, pancakes, breakfast rolls, butter, yogurt or even in Nutella or chocolate spreads.

    For lunch in the bread, meatball, pâté, sausages or cream cheese and mixed salads.

    For dinner in the sauce, lasagne, moussaka, meatballs, on top of the pizza or in the dressing for the salad.

    For the dessert like the whipped cream, cake, ice, powder mixes, cake mixes, frostings and chocolate bars.

    Yes even in potato snacks, dips and confectionary.

    It is no wonder our body begins to react strongly to something as common as milk.

    Before I removed milk from my diet, I never thought that milk could be harmful or even cause disease.

    I did not expect that three months without milk could be of such an importance that I lost 10 kilos/22 pounds.

    Therefore, I have long wanted to make a book with recipes for the most common things you may miss on a dairy free diet.

    The recipes in this book are made without milk, cream, cheese or butter, soy and gluten.

    220 pages with colorful Photos and over 80 recipes.


    Table of contents



    Can we get enough calcium without dairy?16

    The difference between allergy and intolerance17

    Lactose intolerance18

    Milk allergy and milk intolerance18

    List of dairy products and dairy substitutes20

    Travelling abroad22

    9 tips for the holidays, while on a diet23

    To be dairy free in another country24

    Guide to ingredients26

    Guide to equipment33

    Eat a proper breakfast and the day’s other main meals34

    Drink water36

    Organic products?!39

    Dairy alternatives40

    Basic recipes41

    Nut ’milk’42

    Rice ’milk’/oat ’milk’/millet ’milk’/quinoa ’milk’44

    Omega-3-’milk’/hemp ’milk’44

    Nut cream46

    Vanilla cream46

    Coconut cream48

    Creamy frosting for cakes50

    Dairy free ’Yogurt’53

    Dairy free ’yogurt’54

    Coconut cream ’yogurt’56

    Fast food ’yogurt’58

    Fast food sour ’yogurt’60


    ’Sour cream’ in two ways62

    Dairy free ’Cheese’65

    Hard ’cheese’66

    Nut ’cheese’68

    Cashew ’cheese’ cream70

    Macaroni & Cashew ’Cheese’70

    ’Cheese’ for pizza72

    Pumpkin seed ’parmesan’ sprinkle74

    Ricotta ’cheese’74

    Dairy free Sauces77

    Homemade ghee78

    Basic gravy80

    Parsley sauce80

    Béchamel sauce82

    Curry sauce84

    Sauce Bearnaise86

    Sauce Hollandaise88


    Bread and buns93

    Coarse buns94


    Burger buns98

    Coarse ”rye bread”100

    Thin pancakes102

    Easy waffles104


    Easy morning fruit salad108

    Coarse granola110

    Breakfast porridge112

    Toppings for porridge112

    Breakfast smoothie 114

    Piña Colada smoothie114

    Chocolate spread116

    Other spreads without dairy116


    My best lasagna120

    Meatballs with grated vegetables122

    Fish cakes124


    Meatballs in curry128

    Rice curry with side dishes130

    Pizza crust132

    Pizza toppings134

    Spaghetti bologna136

    Side dishes for dinner139

    Mashed potatoes140

    Mashed root vegetables142

    Crispy potatoes and root vegetables144

    Large oven potatoes146

    Mashed cauliflower148

    French potato gratin150

    Cold potato salad152




    Sweet salad with apple cheeks158

    Sweet & sour Thai salad160

    Rocket salad with pine nuts162

    Chickpea salad with spinach164

    Dairy free ice cream166

    Ice cream167

    Old-fashioned vanilla ice cream168

    Dairy free ’ice cream’170

    Vanilla ice cream172

    Chocolate ice cream174

    Strawberry ice cream176

    Raspberries with avocado178

    Ice cream bowls180

    Desserts & cakes183

    Chocolate mousse184

    Chocolate pudding with avocado186

    Chocolate cake188

    Brownie with chocolate and ...190

    Banana cake with chocolate192

    Carrot cake194

    Chocolate & Snacks197

    Chocolate sauce/pieces198

    Carob ”chocolate” pieces198

    White peppermint-chocolate200

    Chocolate coating202

    Palm sugar syrup204

    Icing without sugar and butter206

    Rosehip balls/bars208

    Oat and chocolate balls210

    Source references214

    Metric conversion charts218

    About Karina219

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