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The Bank Vole as Experimental Animal, Second Edition


The Bank Vole as Experimental Animal, Second Edition
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    1. Beskrivelse

      The second edition of The Bank Vole as Experimental Animal is a must-have for any student and researcher interested in the use of bank voles in behavioural experiments targeting their stereotypies, or as animal models of type 1 diabetes, genetic reflex seizures or perhaps other CNS disorders related to dysfunctions in the serotonergic and/or GABA’ergic neurotransmitter systems.  In this book you will find a wealth of information, starting with the rightful name of their genus (not Myodes); their natural history; particular behavioural phenotypes in both captivity and in the Danish wilderness, and how to trap bank voles and found/maintain a colony. Following these informations and tips is a state of the art presentation of their stereotypies, diabetes and seizures, in addition to unpublished results and several suggestions for further research in relation to these subjects. The final chapter is devoted to ethical considerations of particularly relevance for your foreseeable future discussions with reviewers and editors (116 pages as PDF).

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