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The Aukmondi: Curse of the Uninspired


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The Aukmondi: Curse of the Uninspired
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    1. Beskrivelse

      Curse of the Uninspired is Death! When the Aukmondi people are cursed, there is nothing anyone can do except bury the dead. During the mid-eighteenth century in East Africa, the peaceful life of the Aukmondi people shatters when Abul-Gwan, a tribal chief and entrepreneur of animal products, visits the Aukmondi Valley. He brings with him his mate, Abul-Tess, and Onu-Vey, a powerful Vodun houngan (Voodoo Priest). Abul-Gwan wants to hunt animals in the local area but his efforts are hampered by the Wabanga tribesmen. He asks Mfalme Ramuza Ncobba of the Aukmondi to help rid the area of Wabanga. The Aukmondi people hold a high regard for life - all life. Out of principle, Ramuza refuses Abul-Gwan's request. Abul-Gwan is disappointed, but he accepts Ramuza's decision. He prepares to move on. But before he leaves the valley, his mate, Abul-Tess, dies in a tragic mishap. Abul-Gwan falls into a crippling depression. He turns angry and vengeful, blaming the Aukmondi for the dismal prospects of his business in the area, and for the death of his mate. He wants retribution. Abul-Gwan asks the Vodun houngan to punish the useless Aukmondi people. He wants them all dead. Onu-Vey reluctantly complies. He performs his darkest ritual to summon the Loa of Death, a spirit whose sole purpose is to eliminate the Aukmondi people. Death, in physical form, roams the valley killing dozens of people. Whole communities are wiped out. Ramuza confronts Abul-Gwan and the Vodun houngan. The Loa kills him. Kharaambi, Ramuza's third mate and leader of the Aukmondi Army, reacts. Several commanders and regiments of her army die with only a wave of the Loa's hand. Prince Adaulah, Ramuza's only son, becomes the new Aukmondi Mfalme. Inexperienced, he also makes a desperate attempt to stop the killings. His approach is insightful but unsuccessful. More warriors die. The Aukmondi people question the core of their spiritual strength. Kon-Shambique, the Aukmondi spiritu

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      Bog, hæftet

    2. Yderligere info
      1261 g
      46 mm
      152 mm
      229 mm
      Outskirts Press
      Bog, hardback
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