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    Classics for Your Collection: --------- Winner of the 1921 Pulitzer Prize This is a gorgeous book with some great characters and a special ambience that you will never have experienced in any other novel. Edith Wharton takes the reader deep inside the strange little world of upper-class late 19th century New York, detailing the manners, the attitudes, the rules, the institutionalized hypocrisy, the spectacular beauty and superficiality, and most of all, the lies that everyone must tell themselves and those around them to survive in a tightly regimented culture that has just barely reached its zenith and is already in decline. Wharton's protagonist, Newland Archer, is one of the best written male characters. Her insightful portrayal is so steeped in the nuances of the masculine dilemma that it's hard to believe she was never a man. At the same time, her writing is effortlessly sensual and poetic without any of the excessive floweriness that one finds often characterizes Victorian writing. This is how to write a love triangle. One can hardly find a more vivid and lacerating portrayal of the guilt, inner conflict, and yearning of it all. The three main characters in the book are so fully realized and exposed to the reader, yet within the world of these pages, they are neatly sectioned. They are sequestered inside of their own thoughts and feelings. This is some of the most breath-stealing, gorgeous writing you have ever read. Scroll Up and Get Your Copy Timeless Classics for Your Bookshelf

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