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The 17 Hour Fast


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The 17 Hour Fast
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Bog, paperback (kr. 219,95) (kr. 279,95)
  1. Beskrivelse

    Inspired by his best friend’s battle with cancer and drawing on his years of experience as a physician and the VitalityPro research protocols that he developed with iconic athletes, elite sports programs, respected nutritionists, and behavioral and exercise psychologists, Dr. Frank Merritt has engineered a unique protocol that delivers all the benefits of fasting in a minimum effective dose.

    Following the protocol outlined in The 17-Hour Fast just once a week can deliver performance and health benefits to anyone, from high achievers and athletes to first responders and military personnel to everyday folks. The 17-Hour Fast is founded on a bedrock of cutting-edge scientific data and presented in an intuitive and approachable way by Dr. Merritt and acclaimed writer Phil White (Unplugged, Game Changer, and Flight Plan). Featuring insights from the likes of iconic football coach Gene Stallings, human performance experts Brian Mackenzie and Dr. Andy Galpin, surfing legends Sam George and Randy Rarick, and several Grammy-winning musicians, this book enables anyone to:

    • Cut cholesterol, reduce bacterial overgrowth, and lower toxins

    • Start making lifestyle changes that lower body weight and BMI and reduce body fat

    • Overcome digestive issues like IBS, fatty liver disease, and acid reflux

    • Improve physical and cognitive performance 

    • Break free from habitual and boredom-related eating

    • Create a rich, fully engaged experience before, during, and after fasting

    • Achieve many of the benefits of a 48-hour fast in less than half that time, while avoiding many of the pitfalls and risks of more extreme fasts

    • Overcome food-related psychological and behavioral issues while turning destructive habits into healthy ones

    • Eliminate sugar dependence

    • Reduce oxidative stress and inflammation

    • Achieve more restful and restorative sleep

    • Use fasting to strengthen work-life balance, improve relationships, and focus on helping others

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    191 mm
    Bog, paperback
    For adult education
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