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Bog, hardback Teacher Education in the 21st Century af Oon-Seng Tan

Teacher Education in the 21st Century

- Singapore's Evolution and Innovation

(Bog, hardback)

25 black & white illustrations, biography

25 black & white illustrations, biography


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Forlagets beskrivelse
25 black & white illustrations, biography
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This book examines the evolution and innovation of teacher education in Singapore in the 21st century. It covers teacher education reforms in the conceptualising and implementing of the Teacher Education for the 21st Century (TE21) Model and discusses curriculum improvements that are aligned to new competencies; values development that re-envision teacher professionalism and calling; pedagogical changes that emphasise self-directed inquiry and technology-enabled learning; strengthened theory-practice linkages and enhanced teaching practices through school partnerships and mentoring; and impactful education research in areas such as assessment and developing teaching competencies, practices and mentoring. Teacher education in Singapore focuses on developing professional leaders in the field of education who are proactive problem-solvers and empowered researchers. It entails a long-term vision of education and an innovative approach to develop teachers with design skills and an inquiring mindset to understand learners in the fast-changing digital and mobile world.This book is aimed at scholars, researchers, policymakers, teacher educators and teachers as well as anyone interested in learning the philosophy behind Singapore's unique TE21 Model for the 21st century and beyond.

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