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Take and Read


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Take and Read
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    1. Beskrivelse

      Take and Read is a collection of essays first presented as oral theological reflections on books, written to stimulate conversations among diverse groups of readers, which included farmers, physicians, teachers, poets, novelists, scientists, people involved in business, finance, relief work, and many other walks of life, ranging in age from twenty-something to eighty. These reflections introduce and offer samples of theological readings of a variety of books. The result is a collection of essays addressing a wide range of topics from food security to violence, from dementia to indigenous issues. Perhaps this book is best described as an invitation to joining a conversation about books, and more importantly, about God. ""This bouquet of essays both models and inspires theological readings of a variety of literary texts--readings that demonstrate the theological task consists of opening up questions at least as often as answering them. The collection provides rich resources for a thoughtful 'everyday' theology directed toward real moral formation."" --Laura Schmidt Roberts, Professor of Biblical & Religious Studies, Fresno Pacific University ""If the intellectual friend and theological mentor we all need were printed and bound into a book, it would look like this one. With Take and Read, Paul Doerksen brings us into challenging company then graciously and wisely guides us through the conversation. A distillation of all that's best about theological education.""  --Paul Cumin, Pastor of Pemberton Community Church, B.C. Paul Doerksen is Associate Professor of Theology and Anabaptist Studies at Canadian Mennonite University in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He is the author of Beyond Suspicion: Post-Christendom Protestant Political Theology in John Howard Yoder and Oliver O`Donovan (2009).

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