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Strategic Realization of Millennium Development Goals: Emmanuel Edeh, a Role Model


Strategic Realization of Millennium Development Goals: Emmanuel Edeh, a Role Model
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    Bog, hardback
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    1. Beskrivelse

      The efforts to improve on the conditions of human life by individuals, private and public sector is doubtless a continuous process. In any case, peace and security are necessary conditions for any meaningful sustainable human development. To that effect, both the League of Nations formed in 1919 after the World War I and the United Nations Organization created in 1945after the World War II are geared towards global peace and security, as requisites to worthy conditions of human life. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which was established by the UN in the year 2000 is symbolic of an enhanced commitment towards the betterment of man in the 21st Century. The present work is an attempt to take a general look at the MDGs so far. The book underscores however the fact that progress has been actually made in some of the eight targeted areas of the goals so far. Having said that the MDGs are confronted with some challenges and fundamental gaps. Some of these gaps exist because of the non inclusion of certain key elements into the goals. In this vein, the philosophy and works of Fr. Prof. Emmanuel M. P. Edeh could offer a veritable approach for the actualization of the MDGs in general. For close to three decades, Edeh has contributed enormously in MDGs related programme and his modus operandi continues to remain efficacious and sustainably functional. Hence, the need for its consideration for the strategic realization of the MDGs.

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