Statistical Thinking from Scratch

- A Primer for Scientists


Statistical Thinking from Scratch
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Productivity underpins business success and national well-being and thus it is crucial to understand the factors that influence productivity growth. This volume provides a comprehensive exploration into the significance of productivity growth for business, the economy, and for social economic progress. It examines how productivity is defined, measured and implemented. It also surveys the dispersion of productivity across time and place, focusing on the productivitydynamics that either leads to a reallocation of resources that reduces dispersion and increases aggregate productivity or, conversely, allows dispersion to persist behind barriers to productivity-enhancing reallocation. A third focus is an investigation of the drivers of, or impediments to,productivity growth, some of which are organizational in nature and under management control and others of which are institutional in nature and subject to public policy intervention.The Oxford Handbook of Productivity Analysis contains contributions of distinguished productivity experts from around the world who analyze a wide range of timely issues. These issues concern purely analytical topics surrounding the measurement of productivity in various situations, beginning with the ideal situation in which all inputs and all outputs, and their prices, are observed accurately. They also include service sectors such as education in which the services provided are hardto define, much less measure, and other sectors that generate undesirable environmental externalities that are difficult to price and complicate the very definition of productivity. The issues also involve business management topics ranging from the role of business models and benchmarking to the quality ofmanagement practices, the adoption of new technologies, and possible complementarities between the two. The relationship between productivity and business performance is also explored. At a more aggregate level the issues range from the impacts of market power, incentive regulation, international trade and global value chains on productivity, to the contribution of productivity to economic development and economic welfare.Researchers across the natural and social sciences find themselves navigating tremendous amounts of new data. Making sense of this flood of information requires more than the rote application of formulaic statistical methods. The premise of Statistical Thinking from Scratch is that students who want to become confident data analysts are better served by a deep introduction to a single statistical method than by a cursory overview of many methods. In particular, this book focuses on simple linear regression-a method with close connections to the most important tools in applied statistics-using it as a detailed case study for teaching resampling-based, likelihood-based, and Bayesian approaches to statistical inference. Considering simple linear regression in depth imparts an idea of how statistical procedures are designed, a flavour for the philosophical positions one assumes when applying statistics, and tools to probe the strengths ofone's statistical approach. Key to the book's novel approach is its mathematical level, which is gentler than most texts for statisticians but more rigorous than most introductory texts for non-statisticians. Statistical Thinking from Scratch is suitable for senior undergraduate and beginning graduate students, professional researchers, and practitioners seeking to improve their understanding of statistical methods across the natural and social sciences, medicine, psychology, public health, business, and other fields.

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Bibliotekernes beskrivelse Productivity underpins business success and national well-being. The Oxford Handbook of Productivity Analysis contains contributions from distinguished scholars who analyze a wide range of determinants and consequences of productivity, at the levels of the individual business and the national and international economies.Focuses on detailed instruction in a single statistical technique, simple linear regression (SLR), with the goal of gaining tools, understanding, and intuition that can be applie

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