Social Policy: An Introduction
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Bog, paperback
4th edition.
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What are social policies?How are social policies created and implemented?Why do certain policies exist?The fourth edition of this highly respected textbook provides a clear andengaging introduction to social policy.The book has been thoroughly updated to include:Changes in social policy introduced by the Coalition government Incorporation of an international perspective throughout, as well as anew chapter: The global social policy environment Updated pedagogy to stimulate thought and learning Comprehensive glossarySocial Policy is essential reading for students beginning or building on theirstudy of social policy or welfare. The wide-ranging coverage of topics meansthat the book holds broad appeal for a number of subject areas includinghealth, social policy, criminology, education, social work and sociology."This textbook has always been a useful teaching resource because it combines substantial and engaging analysis with 'stand alone' extracts. The new edition adds a chapter on global social policy, updates on the Coalition Government and guides to what is in the book. The added activities are well thought out and can be adapted or expanded to suit the needs of particular students."Hedley Bashforth, Teaching Fellow in Social Policy, University of Bath, UK"Social Policy: An Introduction, now in its fourth edition and eleventh year, will remain a core social policy text on reading lists across the country due to its well written and comprehensive nature. Completely revised, it has been updated and extended to reflect contemporary developments in social policy, including the policy implications of the Coalition Government, and now includes a chapter on global social policy environments reflecting the continued internationalisation of social policy debates. Updated pedagogical features, which include activities for the reader, learning outcomes at the start of each chapter and detailed case studies throughout, enhance this thought-provoking and stimulating text."Dr Liam Foster, University of Sheffield, UK"This book provides, as it states, an introduction to the field and does so by adopting a highly attractive pedagogic style that evidences, at every turn, a sensitivity to the approaches to learning of contemporary students. Although it is tailored to meet the needs of primarily first year specialist students, it is equally suitable for those on other programmes who are taking an option in social policy. Because the book anticipates theoretical issues and debates and students will confront as they progress to a more advanced level, it will also retain value as be a longer-term reference resource. I will certainly be citing it on a second year core course I teach.It is immediately clear that a great deal of thought has been invested into designing this book. What Blakemore and Warwick-Booth have produced is a clearly laid out and well-structured analysis of impressive breadth that is a readily accessible learning instrument both for student and teacher. Importantly, it provides numerous opportunities to experiment with new ways of approaching the teaching of the subject. Each chapter sets out clearly expressed learning outcomes with a fair balance of theoretical and empirical concerns. Visual displays in box material, graphs and flow charts provides a most effective means for absorbing the large amount of ground covered. There is good incorporation of statistical material and up to date policy developments. Students are also encouraged to exploit useful links to internet and other media sites. Particularly attractive from a teaching point of view are the range of tasks set for the students which are aimed clearly at rapid capacity building. Chapters end by listing the key terms and concepts addressed to aid revision of material. This is repeated in the glossary at the end of the book. Most of the materials are derived from the British context, but there is also a secondary focus on EU member states and beyond, as well as a good chapter on global social policy."Steen Mangen, Department of Social Policy, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

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